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China section organized the technical session for food allergen management and analytical technology


China section organized the technical session for food allergen management and analytical technology

The AOAC China section annual meeting 2017 has been successfully held from May 25th to 26th in Shanghai this year.  

The technical session “Food allergen management and analytical technology has been well received and recognized.  A food allergy is a specific type of adverse food reaction involving the immune system, which can range from merely irritating to life-threatening.  Food allergen is a hot topic for regulation or standard as well as for analytical technology worldwide, where reinforcement of scientific intelligence will be performed.  

It is the first time that food allergen has been discussed in a dedicated session during the AOAC China annual conference.  It successfully attracted the great attention from audiences.

Co-organized with Food Safety @Danone, the session has offered an opportunity unparalleled to introduce new tendency and explore viable technical approaches of food allergen management with co-chairs of Dr. Wei Zhu, Danone Greater China Food Safety Laboratory Director and Ms. Zhe Zhang, the expert of China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA). The speakers from regulators, pediatrician and researchers have delivered interesting presentations & insights regarding to regulation and standard for food allergen management, control approach of food allergens, food allergy for children as well as analytical techniques.  As “fitness for purpose”, diverse analytical techniques and approaches have been introduced targeting reliable quantitative and confirmatory analysis of allergens in ingredients and in finished products, testing of residual as the level of cross contaminant as well as advanced technology such as the application of targeted proteomics in food allergen testing.  

The panel discussion attracted the interests of wide audience and hold interactive communication between panel list and audience.  

Awareness from various groups of scientists and consumer is essential for the control of potential allergen risk. An allergen prevention plan must determine potential sources of contaminating allergens and identify appropriate controls to prevent as well as appropriate and smart analytical approaches to verify the control measures put in place.  

This Food allergen session increases the attentions of food allergen from big audience with positive feedbacks received.

  • Pic 1. Round table discussion
  • Pic 2. Speech given by Prof. Zhang from CFSA on regulation about allergen

  • Pic 3. Speech given by Dr. Shao on food allergy in children

  • Pic 4. Speech given by Prof. Ren on allergen detection

  • Pic 5. Meeting attendees