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Upcoming China Section Meeting Forum of AOAC Food Analytical Science and Standard 2021

  Upcoming China Section Meeting Forum of AOAC Food Analytical Science and Standard 2021

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of China Section and China Certification and Accreditation Association, we would like to cordially invite you to attend the China Section meeting, Forum of AOAC Food Analytical Science and Standard. This meeting will be held on Oct 18-20, 2021 in Beijing, China.   

The purpose of the meeting is to exchange the advanced techniques in the food safety detection field, understand the development of AOAC official method program and stakeholder panels, and compare AOAC methods and China GB methods in food safety analysis and to know more about AOAC/ISO/IDF with China involvement. The expert committee of AOAC China Section will be set up on the meeting. The details of the meeting are as follows:

   I. Time

    Meeting: Oct 18-20, 2021. Registration: Oct 18.

II. Place

Sheraton Beijing Lize Hotel, Beijing

Address: No.1 Building, No. 8 XiyingRoad, Fengtai District, Beijing, P. R. China. Telephone: 86-010-63398888,86-13223344828.

III. What's in the meeting?

1. Advanced techniques for the determination of chemical contaminants residues in food, including pesticide residues, veterinary medicine residues, heavy metal residues, illegal food additives and food contact materials;

2. Progress of AOAC Program including AOAC SPIFAN, AOAC ISPAM and


3. Progress of AOAC/ISO/IDF International Cooperation Dairy Standard Project;

4. Follow-Up Evaluation Program of Food Safety GB Methods;

5. AOAC proficiency Testing (PT) Project Feasibility Study;

6. SCO and One Belt One Road National Food and Agricultural Products Standards Seminar;

7. Expert Committee Establishment Meeting of AOAC China Section.

IV: Who will attend the meeting?

AOAC INTERNATIONAL President, AOAC SPIFAN President, AOAC Technical Working Group, AOAC Standard Drafters, International Food Safety Testing Experts, National Food Safety Standards Review Committee, GB Standard Drafters, Government Laboratories, well-known Dairy Enterprises and Instrument Manufacturers Specialist and etc.

V: Registration

Registration: please send your information including name, organization, e-mail address and title to

If you have any question about the meeting, please contact Dr. Ping Jing, at, or telephone at 86 532-80885779 or 86-178-5327-8002.